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Whether you’re starting to lose weight for the first time, or you’ve been down this road many times only to regain the weight, you’ll meet your goals with a medically supervised weight loss program. Dr. Seth Camhi and the team at Thrive Full Body Wellness customize the Clean Start Weight Loss® program to help each patient achieve success. To learn more about the ongoing support you’ll receive throughout your weight loss journey, call the office in Cypress, California, or book an appointment online.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is Clean Start Weight Loss?

Clean Start Weight Loss is a medically supervised program that uses injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and lipotropic substances to help you burn fat and lose weight.

You’ll begin with a full medical review and lab tests to be sure it’s safe for you to go on the program. After measuring your body fat percentage and discussing your goals, the plan is customized to meet your needs.

It’s important to stay under the team’s supervision throughout the Clean Start program. Since you’ll follow a low-calorie diet, the doctor makes sure you remain healthy and get proper nutrition. You’ll also have weekly appointments to weigh in and get your hCG injection.

What is hCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural hormone that triggers fat burning. When you go on a low-calorie diet, your body tries to protect itself from starvation by storing fat and slowing your metabolism.

Your hCG injections promote ongoing fat burning despite consuming fewer calories. As a result, you lose more weight. Releasing fat for energy also reduces your hunger, so it’s easier for you to stick with the diet.

What are lipotropic injections?

Lipotropic substances either speed up fat removal or prevent fatty buildup in the liver. These fat-burning injections typically contain ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin B-12: supports energy production
  • Choline: metabolizes fat
  • Methionine: helps the liver process fats
  • Inositol: regulates cellular activities including fat metabolism; may reduce insulin resistance

What is phentermine?

Phentermine is an oral prescription medication that helps you lose weight by reducing hunger and making you feel full. It’s used together with a weight loss program in patients who need to lose a significant amount of weight. Dr. Camhi may also prescribe other oral diet pills.

What support is available with Clean Start Weight Loss?

You can count on the full support of the staff at Thrive Full Body Wellness, as they’re dedicated to treating the whole person and promoting optimal physical and mental wellness.

The Clean Start program also provides additional materials to help you on your weight loss journey. You’ll receive a patient guidebook, a tips sheet, and a journal to track your food consumption.

When you follow the Clean Start program, you don’t need to worry about buying special foods. You’ll continue to eat regular food so that you can develop a long-term habit of healthy eating. To facilitate that goal, the program includes a cookbook and shopping list.

When you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, call Thrive Full Body Wellness or use online booking to schedule a consultation.

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